An escape from reality

Twitter was depressing over the weekend, at least for those uninterested in the reality show Bigg Boss. Most timelines were clogged with comments on the hosts, contestants, eligibility of said contestants, and whether or not the current season was as interesting as the last one.

Payal Puri put things into perspective with this: 'Shakti Kapoor and Charles Sobhraj trend on Gandhi Jayanti. Twitter, for you, impossible is nothing.' Faking News added: 'Looking at the list of inmates, it seems the Bigg Boss team spent its budget on Salman and Munnabhai's fees.' Mandira Bedi added: 'Every year, the hosts get better and the contests get worse.' According to Rofl Indian: 'Bigg Boss participants do not have an IQ. They have a QI - Questionable Intelligence.' And, finally, from Prashv: 'The top trending topics all relate to Bigg Boss. It's all going downhill from here.'

Anger management
On the other side of the world, in the US of A, a big topic of discussion was 'things that get me pissed.' Among the more common reasons cited were 'being hungry and sleepy at the same time', 'someone stealing my seat on the train', 'people who think they deserve special treatment because they have money' and, in the words of one misanthrope, 'everyone else in the world.'

Made for each other
Things weren't much better in the United Kingdom, where the topic of choice was why 'me and you can't date (sic)'. Tweets included 'if you care about the attention of others more than mine', 'if you're always going through my phone' and, sadly, 'if my mom doesn't think you're right for me.'

The last word
From cricketer Shane Warne, regarding his engagement to model Liz Hurley: 'I didn't propose in front of 200 people at dinner. It was done privately and was very romantic, if I say so myself. P.S. Left knee is sore!'

-- Lindsay Pereira is Editor, MiD DAY Online

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