“We already had a woman (Geetu) try out for WNBA and we would expect to have men and women showing up for each of our professional leagues. Now 85 out of our 400 players are born outside the USA.

David Stern
NBA Commissioner David Stern (centre) surrounded by kids during a NBA Cares program recently

“The one thing we do is closely work with the Basketball Federation of India through grassroots and other events to make it easy for elite Indian athletes to get in touch with us. If you need a specific answer, I would say five years,” Stern said yesterday on the sidelines of an event announcing their partnership with Magic Bus (a non-profit organisation that works with youth from vulnerable communities) to develop a comprehensive NBA Cares program in India.

Through this partnership, weekly basketball programs will be used to promote education, health and fitness for boys and girls aged between seven and 14 starting June this year.