One of Hollywood's biggest nights managed to clog timelines the world over for much of the day. Not all tweets were about who won at the Golden Globes though. Take, for instance, this comment from someone using the handle NewsWithNipples: 'My verdict on Golden Globes fashion - I am so sick of seeing that stupid one hand on hip pose.' Or this, from Dan Levy: 'Watching the Golden Globes makes me realize one thing: I haven't seen any movies this year. But I'm happy for all the French people.' Rob Huebel came up with: 'Just melted my Golden Globe down to make a grill for my teeth and brass (gold) knuckles.' Ben Gleib added: 'Madonna just said her song magically and miraculously appeared. Umm, then how come you won an award for writing it?' And, from Tara Dublin: 'My life is a lot like the Golden Globes tonight, in that everything's a bit of a mess but I'm not sure how to make it any better.'

Through her eyes
'Homai Vyarawalla, Rest In Peace. Such an amazing life, and what a legacy to leave behind.' That tweet from Parmesh Shahani was one of many that paid tribute to India's first woman photojournalist, who passed away at 98. Nikita Mehta tweeted: 'There's much to remember her by; she froze important historic moments for Indians.'

All out of love?
Some people spent the weekend filling in blanks in this sentence 'I thought you were cute until �' and coming up with: 'Until your personality got in the way', until you began calling me 24x7 asking where I was', 'until I was no longer drunk', 'until your breath drop-kicked me' and 'until you said you liked Harry Potter.'

The last word
From writer Chetan Bhagat: 'Girls, there's no need to buy expensive bags, shoes or make-up. Just smile. It does the job of making you beautiful.'

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