Andheri CVM back on track

Two days after MiD DAY's report on commuters being wrongly fined at Andheri station, authorities have installed signboards guiding commuters to the new ticketing complex; even repaired a defunct CVM
Here's some good news for  travellers who have been fined unfairly on charges of ticketless travelling at Andheri station.

Two days after MiD DAY published a report ('Go to punch a coupon, get fined for ticketless travel') about how commuters entering Andheri station via the railway bridge in Andheri (East), adjacent to the police station, were being wrongly fined for ticketless travelling, the station authorities finally rectified their error and have now installed visible signboards at the old ticketing complex, directing the commuters, especially first-timers, to the new one.


A commuter trying in vain to get coupons punched from the dead CVM. Below, visibly happy travellers punching coupons from the repaired CVM


Besides, the authorities have also repaired one of the two defunct coupon validating machines (CVM) installed at the old ticketing complex.

Happy commuters
Prajwal Jadhav (28), a regular commuter, said, "Owing to the now repaired CVM, it will be convenient for people to punch coupons, especially during peak hours.
This is a relief for us. Also, the newly installed signboards will be of great help to the first-timers, as they can now locate the new ticketing complex easily, and would no longer be wrongly fined for ticketless travelling.
This will surely end the confusion faced by them at the station."

Deepika Ghosh, 23, said, "Now, when I enter Andheri station from the east side, I do not have to walk all the way till the new ticketing complex to get my coupons punched. I can punch them at the recently repaired CVM near the old building and catch my train."

Western Railway PRO, C David, said, "The newly installed signboards at the old ticketing complex will all end the confusion faced by the first-time travellers and prevent them from being wrongly fined. We have ordered new CVM machines for Andheri station, which would be installed soon."

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