London: British tennis star and World No.6 Andy Murray’s mother has revealed that her son and longtime girlfriend Kim Sears will marry in October next year.

“The wedding will be next October - but I won’t be dancing," she was quoted as saying by the Daily Mirror Thursday.

British tennis player Andy Murray (L) and his fiancee Kim Sears
British tennis player Andy Murray (L) and his fiancee Kim Sears

Judy also revealed how a "traditional" Murray had spoken to Sear's parents before he proposed.

“I am so happy that Andy has got engaged, it was very exciting when it happened. I’m thrilled to bits about the engagement. He was very traditional and called Kim’s parents beforehand. He is very traditional like that. I definitely won’t be dancing at the wedding, that’s for sure," she said.

“It’s going to be next year, maybe October time. I think he just wants to start being engaged before he starts doing all that," she added.

"I think it’s for them to choose exactly what they want to do for their wedding. It’s completely up to them, I don’t know if the wedding will be in Scotland."

She also said Murray has already asked her for dancing tips.

“He was best man at his friend’s wedding last Saturday so he asked me to show him the Waltz in case he had to dance with one of the bridesmaids so I have actually shown him the very basic moves of the waltz," she said.