Melbourne: Andy Murray has made it clear he will cut short his first grand slam of the year and fly home if the baby arrives earlier than its expected due date in mid-February.

Andy Murray with wife Kim. PIC/Getty Images
Andy Murray with wife Kim. Pic/Getty Images

Gunning for a third grand slam title, Murray is a serious contender in Melbourne but the Scot says he is currently struggling to keep focus all of the time. "I think most days I think about the baby," Murray said. "Just now it's a big change coming. It's very, very exciting. I'm sure everyone that's had their first child in here would have thought the same thing with just a few weeks to go. I've never been in this position so it's something new for me to deal with and handle, which is good.

"New experiences are always good, something to learn from, but when I'm on the practice court and stuff, I'm very focused there. When I've been training, I'm not distracted on that side of things.

"Just obviously after your practices and when you're away from the court, it's a bit different."

Murray is yet to win the Australian Open despite reaching four finals in the last six years, three of which he lost to Novak Djokovic. If the pair meet again at the last stage and the most dramatic scenario materialises of his wife Kim going into labour, Murray confirmed he would still quit the tournament even with one match left to play.

"The same thing would happen," Murray said.

"For me, my child is more important to me, and my wife is more important to me than a tennis match."