Andy Murray's mum Judy cuts out bread to stay in shape

Andy Murray's mother Judy dazzled at the Scot tennis ace's wedding wearing a belted dress-coat that accentuated her toned stomach. She looked remarkably fit and toned for her age, and has revealed how she managed to do so.

Judy Murray. Pic/Getty Images
Judy Murray. Pic/Getty Images 

The 55-year-old said that over the years she learned how to maintain her figure. "I found I was getting really bloated eating bread, so I decided to cut it out of my diet," said the tennis coach.

Surprisingly, Judy, who participated in dance reality show Dancing With The Stars last year, revealed that she has maintained the same figure since she was a teenager.

"My body shape hasn't changed much since I was a student and I still have a 26-inch waist," she was quoted as saying by a British tabloid.

One would think she prefers tennis to be in shape, but she avoids it. "Because my life is saturated with it." Instead, she tries anything from dancing, to Pilates, to walking or even gardening.

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