Angelina Jolie: Brad Pitt is a great dad

Brad Pitt
Brad Pitt

Despite their impending divorce sending shockwaves across the globe, Angelina Jolie has gone on record labeling Brad Pitt a great father. "We are focusing on the health of our family, and so we will be stronger when we come out of this because that's what we are determined to do as a family," she said in an interview.

Talking for the first time after they called quits, she said it has been a difficult time. "I don't want to say much about that, except that it was very difficult."

Pitt recently came under the scanner for an alleged incident involving one of his six children on a private plane. Ultimately, the FBI closed the case and dropped all charges. The Los Angeles Country Department of Children and Family Services also cleared Pitt of child abuse allegations.

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