Anil Kapoor has now made Hollywood his second home and the gentry there too considers him to be one of their own. And so, Anil has been invited to the BAFTA's (British Academy for Film and Television Arts) for the third consecutive year, and this time, he is going to be presenting some awards. Super-thrilled with this honour, Anil talks to CS about awards nights, the difference between foreign and Indian cinema and India's slow move towards the global audience:

Who: Anil Kapoor
What: Talks about the international film industry and the awards
ceremonies held there

Scoring high
Being invited to something as prestigious as the BAFTA awards is a matter of pride for the entire industry. It is one of the most respected awards on the global platform. Artists all over the world look forward to this evening every year. Art and culture is synonymous with Britain and more so with London. To be a part of something like this is definitely an honour. Sharing a stage with the world's best actors, directors, writers, etc, where the entire world can see me, is a great feeling.   

In foerign pastures
I am a still an outsider to Hollywood, but I am expanding my boundaries. The British film industry, especially, is very serious in terms of their artists and work. Most of the artists there are from a theatre background and are there because of their talent. The work pattern in the British film industry is very systematic. It is tough to survive there successfully and hence the best of the talents are born in this industry. For our actors, it's just the beginning. After a few years, people will realise that Slumdog Millionaire was a trendsetter. It has opened doors for all the superb Indian talent and the exchange of ideas will only grow further. Actors from our industry have called me enquiring about the work pattern in American and Bristish film industries. And I am very happy with this open attitude.  

Carpet call
It is too early for me to comment or compare the foreign film industries and their award ceremonies. It's been only three years now that I am involved with international awards, so I am yet to understand the details of their functioning. But yes, there is a difference. And I don't need to spell it out. Any sensible person who follows international awards will understand it. One can make out the way these awards are presented, the proceedings of the entire award ceremony and what goes behind the scenes of these awards. But let me tell you, I am not criticising our awards culture, I am a part of this industry and love the way things are carried out here as well.