Birmingham: Former India women's cricket team captain Anjum Chopra has been invited here to do commentary for the Wave World Kabaddi League (WKL) — an eight-franchise tournament spread across three continents that got underway in London last weekend.

Anjum Chopra
Anjum Chopra 

Not at all surprised at being approached by the organisers of the event, Anjum (37), considered one of the most successful women cricketers from India, said she has always been open to exploring sports other than cricket.

"When I was approached to do WKL, I first learnt about the formats of the sport and prepared myself by actually playing it," Anjum told PTI.

"We have all known about kabaddi, it's a game which we have seen and played while growing up. In fact, kabaddi is one of the sports we have played as part of our cricket training sessions as well.

It is helps to improve agility and reflexes. So, for me it was about learning something new. I'm always trying to learn new things," she said.