War of words heat up against Congress and Team Anna after senior leader Digvijay Singh accuses the crusader of being anti-Congress

Anna Hazare could be fielded by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) as an all-party opposition candidate in the 2012 presidential elections, Congress leader Digvijay Singh said yesterday.

"I don't know how far it is true, but I have heard that BJP has told Anna Hazare that he could be the all-party candidate for the 2012 president's election," said the Congress general secretary.

Political games: Congress leader Digvijay Singh said that if Anna wanted
to get into politics he should form his own party. File pics

He said that it is for Hazare to say if anything like this has been proposed to him since he always says that he is not a political person.

Referring to the Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh (RSS) statement claiming that it was part of Hazare's movement, Digvijay Singh said, "Anna Hazare demanded that I should be sent to a mental asylum when I alleged the RSS hand... now that RSS itself is saying that they supported Anna Hazare...  then now Anna should also accompany me to the mental asylum. Check-ups should be done on both of us."

The Congress and Team Anna are at loggerheads with Hazare appealing to people not to vote for Congress in the October 13 Hisar by-election in Haryana.

"If Anna Hazare wants to get into politics, he should form his own party," said Singh.

Meanwhile, Gandhian activist Anna had dismissed the RSS claim saying, "Nobody approached me. Not a single RSS worker met me or approached me. How are they saying this? I don't know."

Urging voters to inflict "historic defeat" on Congress in Hisar, Team Anna member Arvind Kejriwal said yesterday that Anna has sat on a fast for the Jan Lokpal Bill twice, but the Congress-led UPA government was yet to bring it in Parliament.

"You will have to inflict a historic defeat on the Congress. If you defeat the party (in the bypoll), this will be Anna's victory," he told the gathering.

Alleging that the Congress and corruption were synonymous, Kejriwal asked people to defeat corrupt forces.
He also claimed that Congress was afraid to bring the Jan Lokpal Bill as it fears "half of its own ministers will land up in jail".

Kejriwal clarified that Team Anna has no intention to enter party politics. "Some people are saying we are doing politics. We have been saying since the very beginning that we are doing politics, but we are not doing party politics or election politics. We are into the politics of people. We want the people of this country to have power. They are into the politics of corruption and lies; we are into politics of truth and people," he said.