Doctors Wednesday pleaded with Anna Hazare to end his three-day fast begun Tuesday, saying he was suffering from dehydration and could face kidney failure.

Doctors check Anna Hazare. Pic/Atul Kamble

A team of doctors led by T.P. Lahane of J.J. Hospital said after examining the 74-year-old activist that he must call off his hunger strike.

"While lying his blood pressure reads 120/90, but while standing it is 105/70, indicating dryness and dehydration," Lahane told reporters at the MMRDA ground, the protest venue.

Besides, his blood urea nitrogen and cretanine levels had risen and sodium levels had fallen. But his chest, throat and abdomen were clear, he said.

Hazare has 100 degrees temperature, a drop from Tuesday's 102 degrees.

"We are clear he should not continue this fast as his kidneys are getting affected and could have adverse impact on his health in future," Lahane said.

"We have also medically advised him not to undertake similar fasts in the future."

But an adamant Hazare, who declared Monday that he was prepared to die for the cause of a strong Lokpal, continued his fast for the second day.

Although Hazare is on medication, his physician D.G. Pote ruled out the need to shift him to a hospital.

Pote said that Hazare had lost weight due to his illness, including a viral infection in recent days, followed by his hunger strike that started Tuesday morning.

After spending a "comfortable night", doctors said, Hazare now weighed 70.5 kg, a loss of around 1.50 kg in five-six days.

"His pulse rate has come down to 72 from 96, and blood pressure is 152/90," Pote said earlier in the day.

He said Hazare had been advised rest, refrain from exerting himself and speak less.

Manish Sisodia, a key member of Team Anna, said that Hazare's health was a matter of serious concern and they had appealed to him to call off his hunger strike.

Hazare has not ventured out of a room near the stage since Tuesday evening.

Mumbai's temperature, which touched a 10-year low of 11.4 degrees Celsius Tuesday, drove away many supporters in the night from the venue.

The sprawling MMRDA ground Wednesday wore a near deserted look with only security personnel, journalists and Team Anna activists present.