Anna Kournikova is 'Biggest Loser' when it comes to trimming the flab!

Sep 22, 2011, 13:45 IST | ANI

Anna Kournikova's team in hit NBC series the 'Biggest Loser', is in big trouble from the very first episode itself.

The tennis pro was introduced to the show, which centres on obese people trying to lose weight, but the 30-year-old's team came up quite short on the scales.


Kournikova, who was described by one weight loss hopeful as 'looking like an angel', proved to be tougher than her team might have anticipated, reports the Daily Mail.

She showed her stout determination when one contestant sweated profusely and begged for a rest, saying that there shouldn't be any break when the workout is on progress.

She also turned down the lady's plea for some water when she asked for it.

Later in the show when elderly contestant Johnny, 65, whined that his left heel was ripping apart, Kournikova yelled, "I don't care".

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