Yesterday, this paper carried a front page piece on how the lack of clarity on when the SSC results will be declared is not only giving students sleepless nights, it has left colleges and parents worried too.

The report stated that parents are worried about their children getting admission in good colleges because it would be a rushed admission process. Then, the colleges itself are in a quandary about completing the admission process in time, and, finally completing the syllabus for the first semester exams in October.

One fails to understand why the results have been delayed this year. Last year, the results were declared by June 7. It is unfair to keep people on tenterhooks and build unnecessary suspense and uncertainty over the results.

Though there have been cases when results were announced as late as June 15, it has been seen that late results means that a lot of things are rushed and hurried through post the results and teachers are under severe pressure to complete the syllabus. They must get at least half the month in June, to teach. This is an unnecessary waste of time.

In fact, educational board must announce a certain date for the results and stick with it. Why should people have to indulge in a guessing game about when results are declared? It would be better if parents and children are given a date for results. This kind of dilly-dallying heightens stress for people who are already under severe pressure because of admission anxiety.

Cut-throat competition, a plethora of avenues, online and offline admissions, students failing to secure seats even if they score as high as 90 per cent and counselling help lines buzzing as exams and results season come around, is an indication of how incredibly complicated the educational system has become.

The Board needs to factor in the strain that students and parents are under and give some clarity on this issue. From now on, let there be more transparency about the declaration of results of all educational boards.