Lindsay PereiraParliament was adjourned again, leading to a number of raised eyebrows. Journalist Rajdeep Sardesai, for instance, tweeted: ‘So, it’s official now: No work this week. Over 100 bills pending. Does anyone care?’ Journalist Barkha Dutt added: ‘At this rate, Parliament may as well go on annual leave.’ There was this comment from Comedy Central India: ‘In college, they called it bunking. In Parliament, they call it adjournment.’ Arjun Sankalia had a suggestion: ‘Considering Parliament is empty right now, they should consider renting it out for weddings, etc. and generate revenue from the real estate.’ And from Nikhil Wagle, a question: ‘BJP has stalled Parliament once again. Is it not an insult to the supreme house of democracy? If they debate on TV, why can’t they in Parliament?’

Keep it quiet
The government reportedly began clamping down on several web pages and blocked the accounts of several Twitter users. It was, in the opinion of many, a rather haphazard job. Akash Banerjee reacted with this tweet: ‘Guess the government is discovering that blocking Twitter handles is not as easy as banning Savitabhabi.’ A certain Prashant had this to say: ‘Ministers don’t want to speak in Parliament, they don’t want people to speak on Twitter and our PM never speaks.’ There was this comment from Ramesh Srivats: ‘I have always wondered what exactly a Block Development Officer does. Now I know.’ And from Sunilea: ‘My nose is blocked. I suspect the government.’

More, please
What are some of the things you never get tired of seeing? The good people online shared these among other examples: ‘Kids reading Harry Potter, because this shows magic never dies’, ‘Finding Nemo’ and, worryingly, ‘people tripping on the pavement and then looking around to check if anyone saw.’

The last word
From American country music icon Dolly Parton: ‘The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain.’

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