Another song and dance

Sep 20, 2011, 09:11 IST | Lindsay Pereira

Activist Mukul Sinha and Mallika Sarabhai were reportedly arrested for attempting to stage a protest against Narendra Modi. It was Sarabhai who became a trending topic though, after alleging that the Gujarat chief minister had used public funds to "bribe her lawyers." A certain Lata Varma tweeted: 'Sarabhai is a bad loser.

She hasn't got over the fact that she lost to Advani and got just 1 percent of the votes.' Manoj Vijaya added: 'Mallika Sarabhai = Arundhati Roy. Publicity is their ultimate aim.' In Amit Malviya's view, Sarabhai was making allegations because 'she knows the onus of proving them is not on her, as the media and Congress syndicate will do the rest.' And actor Kamaal R Khan asked: 'How come all Mallikas are beautiful? Sarabhai is beautiful like Mallika [Sherawat].'

Picture perfect
Someone called Kishi Arora wanted to know: 'What's with the Scarlett Johansson pictures getting leaked? All my guy friends are going ahhhh and ooohh!' The images in question were nude pictures that made their way online and prompted William Gibson to comment: 'Friend launching a non-profit to buy Scarlett Johansson a better camera.' Rosa Golijan pointed out that 'Johansson did more to raise awareness of hacking in one day than I have in my entire tech journalism career.' Dan Ozzi added: 'I'm planning a long romantic weekend; just me and the Johansson pictures.' And, from Kantaap: 'In all this hype, let's all spare a thought for the beautiful backside of Pippa Middleton.'

It's not me, it's you
'Reasons we can't be together' compelled people to dole out relationship advice that included 'you are too short', 'you can't dress' and the admittedly pithy, 'you're ugly!'

The last word
Proof that tennis star Sania Mirza-Malik is perceptive: 'Amazing how all the people with ALL the solutions in and for this world are sitting and writing on Twitter.'

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