Another threat call sends Mumbai airport officials in a tizzy with bomb threat

Another threat call making it to be the third in 24 hours was recieved with respect to Mumbai airport and a city-bound flight. An unknown male caller from Mumbai made a call from mobile number (number held on request) to International terminal's control room. "The caller said that he heard someone saying that there are preparations done to explode the Mumbai airport before February 2," said a Police official. The call was received at 6:04pm and went on for 58 seconds. Bomb Threat Assesment Committee (BTAC) decided it was a non-specific call.

hoax caller

On Friday, mentally unstable man kept security agencies at the Mumbai airport on their toes by making hoax calls about bomb threats twice. The accused Sanjeev Mishra has made the Mumbai police and airport security officials go on a frantic search because of his phone call. (Read more)

"Mishra, who made two calls (one to Mumbai airport another to was Bhubanshwar airport and railway station) was handed over to his friend after he produced valid medical documents that he was undergoing treatment. However after leaving home, he left for Pune stating it to be business trip and made calls from there. Now the case will be handled by Pune and Bhubaneshwar police," said ACP Suresh Vedak.

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