Anti Corruption Bureau goes after kin of babus suspected of graft

Since January 1, 2014, the Anti Corruption Bureau has booked 28 families of tainted officers in disproportionate assets cases. The agency has sprung into action to ensure that kin who help the accused hide illegal property do not go scot-free and want to send out a strong message to the society that the guilty will be punished

In a bid to curtail corruption, the Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) has started cracking the whip on the family members of bureaucrats in several disproportionate assets cases (DPA). Though the rule was always in place, the kin of tainted officers were rarely booked. But since January 1, 2014, the ACB has registered around 48 DPA cases in which as many as 28 families have been booked.

Anti Corruption Bureau to target corrupt babus' families
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In April this year, Rajendra Nerkar, assistant regional transport officer of Andheri, was booked for accepting a bribe of Rs 1,500 from a citizen. Earlier this month, he was booked in a DPA along with his wife. Separate cases were filed on November 12, 2014 against Nerkar and his wife, Pratibha, for amassing illegal wealth. The ACB found Rs 84 lakh at his home and Rs 99 lakh later. Nerkar couldn’t provide any satisfactory answer as to how he had got the money and why he had parked funds in his wife’s name. Since his wife didn’t have any source of income, the ACB booked her, too. In another case, on February 12, 2014, the ACB’s Pune unit booked an ex-engineer, Dagadu Gaikwad of the irrigation department and found that he had amassed 124 per cent more wealth than his legal source of income permitted. He had transferred the wealth in the name of his son Ravindra, daughters Sheetal, Rajani and daughter-in-law Anamika’s names. “We booked all of them as they had helped him in hiding the wealth and did not have any source of income,” said Director General of police, ACB, Praveen Dixit.

The ACB has booked the family members of four revenue department officers, five municipal corporation officers, eight irrigation department officers, two public works departments, two forest officers, an RTO officer, a sales tax officer and two agricultural officers for DPA as they helped them hide the properties.

The ACB has booked sons of tainted officers, wives, daughter and daughter in laws in several cases where they were found helping the accused hide his property.

Did you know?
The Maharashtra State Anti Corruption Bureau was Constituted under the Government of Maharashtra, Home Department, with a view to eradicating the evil of bribery and corruption. The Anti-Corruption Bureau has jurisdiction over the State of Maharashtra.



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