Anushka Sharma cool quotient

"I would love to visit the Alps in winter and try my hand at skiing. I have never done it before, but I am sure it will be great fun," says actor Anushka Sharma. Although the pretty lady loves winters, she finds that the season does take a toll on her beauty quotient. She shares her winter memories and beauty regime with CS:

Who: Anushka Sharma
What: Talks about the lovely winters in Bangalore

Bangalore babe
I grew up in Bangalore, and the winters there are simply beautiful. I really miss the lovely weather when compared to Mumbai. In winters, I love wearing jackets and sipping on hot chocolate. I also enjoy gorging on hot jalebis during this time of the year. My most memorable winter in India was when I was travelling up North with my family a few years back. It was the first time I saw snow in India; it was gorgeous.

Freezing fun
When I was in college, I remember one incident when winter was just about to start. A bunch of friends and I had gone out for a party wearing dresses. But as soon as it became dark, it started freezing! None of us had a jacket or a scarf, and so we couldn't step out of the party. Finally, we forced our guy friends to give us their jackets and left the venue!

In my hair
And so, I'll tell every girl to stay better prepared in winter. Taking proper care of your hair and skin is a must. For me, a hot coconut oil conditioning treatment works wonders as it provides the necessary nourishment and moisture to your scalp and hair. I recommend oiling your hair every time you wash it to regain the moisture. Also, avoid excessive use of blow dryers/hair curlers in winters as they severely dry your hair. You can prepare a homemade hair maskĀ -- a mixture of egg and warm coconut oil to give your hair the deep conditioning it requires during the winters.

A pack full
For your skin, natural ingredient based moisturisers work best as they keep your skin moisturised and supple all through the day. A mixture of milk and honey comes handy anytime for a radiant glowing skin. A pack of papaya and banana helps you get rid of dry skin. Both these fruits are rich in vitamins and water and have a good impact on dry skin. I follow this regime religiously as I believe that healthy hair and skin is a reflection of a healthy you!

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