Any unattended bag can be...stolen in Delhi

During a mock drill, while some people ran away on seeing police personnel in civilian clothes leave a bag behind, many others tried to even steal it

Delhi Police's mock drill related to bomb scare, on Tuesday, churned up some interesting results. While some people ran away on seeing the unclaimed bag that the police personnel in civilian clothes had left on purpose, a few tried to steal it, even though wires were clearly hanging out from it.

Mock(ed) drill: A bag left unattended by cops

According to sources, the drill was conducted under the supervision of additional deputy commissioner of police, central Delhi. The unusual part was that the local policemen were not informed about the drill. 

A person steals the bag and walks away with it

Around 12 pm, a few police personnel set out to conduct the drill. A few of them were in plain clothes. A cop then dropped a bag near Golcha Cinema in Daryaganj area to see whether people take notice and inform the police.

Policemen again leave the bag in some other locality

They were shocked to see that no one took it seriously. In the meantime, a man ran off with the bag. The cops apprehended him and took the bag back.

Finally, somebody calls PCR. Pics/Arjun Panwar

They then dropped the bag near a betel shop. Once again, the shop owner saw the bag, and instead of informing the police, shut the shop and ran away. Finally, the police found luck the third time around. They dropped the bag near a watch shop. Even though the shop owner noticed it and called the police, he did so after a good 10 minutes, which would have spelt disaster in case it was a real bomb. Immediately, a police team reached at the spot, stopped the whole traffic and the area was cordoned off. Meanwhile, information about the mock drill was given and the police team returned with the bag.

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