Aparna Dixit, who essays Deevika in 'Kalash - Ek Vishwaas', hosted an Iftar party on the set of the popular TV show along with her co-workers.

“I was delighted by how people fast for 30 days without eating the whole day and come together in the evening to break their fast. The behind-the-camera people of our show work day in and out without a break even while fasting. So I try to be a part of their celebration if possible,” Aparna said in a statement.

“What amazes me (about the holy month of Ramadan) is the idea behind fasting that is for us to realise what poor people go through and suffer, the entire concept of self-control which makes a person stronger.

“It just makes me happy that I have seen Ramadan festival so closely and I get to be a part of it on the set everyday where people share their food, celebrate the breaking of the fast and create new memories,” Aparna added.

“Kalash - Ek Vishwaas” is aired on Life OK.