App review: Master the stock exchange

Nov 10, 2014, 07:46 IST | Hassan M Kamal

The stock market could be daunting to anyone. More so, if one doesn't know how to play the game in the financial
market. The problem escalates after surfing through business channels where the conversation might sound like a foreign language. Then, there are also those horrific tales captured in movies and books, of people losing their riches to the unpredictable stock market.

stock market

We fell in the same category as well, until we were referred to the virtual trading app, Stock Profit. Though, the app won't make you a savvy stock market expert, you are sure to emerge more knowledgeable on how the stock market behaves, how much risk must you take and when, and limitations in terms of predictions. All of this is possible without losing your hard-earned money.

The app, a simulation of a real stock exchange, puts you in control; you predict the growth of a certain stock (currencies, commodities, stock indices and Bitcoin), and play accordingly. If your predictions are right, you earn points, but if it's wrong, you lose points. What's more, this simulator actually pays you for making correct predictions.

No kidding! Every week, it puts out certain amount in a kitty. Correct predictions earn you points, which has a real currency value. After your accumulated points reach a considerable currency value, you can withdraw it via Paypal, Skrill or in bitcoins. Besides, you also get to carry forward 95% of your points to the next week.

But the highpoint is that the app is available for free download and there are no sign-up fees to play the game.

Available: on Play Store
Price: Free

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