Appalling Video: Man throws two pythons on sleeping girlfriend

A video grab of the incident

In a horribly shocking video that has gone viral, a man is seen throwing two pythons on his sleeping girlfriend as part of a prank, and even audaciously recording the scarred woman’s reactions.

According to a report in, the boyfriend began filming the prank after scaring the hell out of the girl in bed, waking her up by throwing the snakes on her.

In the video, the boyfriend is seen, along with a friend, holding a cardboard box with the pythons, and then releasing them onto his girlfriend.

“Baby, don’t move. There’s two ginormous snakes on your butt!” the boyfriend says, at which point the horrified woman asks them to be removed as they slither over her body.

She screams and wails before the terrible prank finally comes to an end as the snake is taken away. The unapologetic boyfriend is seen smiling towards the end of the video even as the woman tries to come to terms with the horror.

Watch Video (Warning: Viewer discretion is advised)

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    • puni23-Nov-2016

      SHAME... This man should be punished for mental and physical torture , what if in fear she had an heart attack? this fear will remain with her for a long time

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