Apple co-founder gets Google Android phone

Nov 23, 2011, 07:40 IST | Agencies

Steve Wozniak, who co-founded Apple with Steve Jobs, has accepted a new Samsung Galaxy Nexus from rival manufacturer Google.

Wozniak, who has previously expressed his admiration for the Google Android operating system, was given a Samsung Galaxy Nexus device when he visited the search giant's campus.

Tech crazy: Earlier in the year, Steve Wozniak waited and got his
iPhone 4s. File pic

He had previously said on Twitter that he was thinking about getting one, which is the first phone to run Google's Ice Cream Sandwich operating system.

Wozniak was, however, also first in line the for the Apple iPhone 4S when it was released earlier this year.
He has previously said that he bought Google's first phone, the Nexus One, on the day it was released and that he tries to keep up with all the latest mobile developments.

It had been widely reported that Wozniak, Apple's co-founder, said that Google's Android mobile operating system was better than Apple's equivalent, iOS, because it boasted more features in November 2010.

"The operating system of Google seems to win the race," read the translation of Wozniak's comments.

"Like Windows dominated the PC world, so is the Android platform for phones that offer the same possibilities as computers."

Wozniak subsequently sought to clarify his comments, saying he was misquoted by the paper, and that he would "never" say that Android was better than iOS.

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