Appointed to rid Juhu society of monkey menace, man disappears with Rs 4000

The residents of the Lohtse society are confused and unhappy with the monkey rescuer whom they paid Rs. 4000 for rescuing the monkey residing in their society since two months and is seen to be nowhere. The Forest Department manual 'bait' cage is lying in the society without any use since the cage needs to be manually handled in order to trap the wild animal.

The residents of the society, who have been behind the Forest Department (FD) officials to safely rescue, finally saw some action on Tuesday. The cage, which is used to bait a Leopard in order to trap the big cat, came to the rescue of the Juhu residents in order to trap the monkey. The residents who paid Rs.4000 for this cage have been assured that they will soon be free from the wild animal. This came after mid-day had reported that no monkey-rescuing cage with the FD was delaying the rescue process of the monkey who has been a guest in the Juhu society since more than 60 days.

The residents of Lohtse building in Juhu had the monkey rescuer Hakim Shaikh arrive with a cage to help the wild animal get out of the society on Tuesday. Interestingly, as mid-day had earlier reported that the department currently had no cage for monkey rescuing process Shaikh arrived the society with a 'bait cage'- cage used to lure a Leopard while trapping the big cat. The cage according to Shaikh has been provided by the Forest Department. Speaking to mid-day Shaikh explained, “Since the wild monkey couldn’t be trapped earlier, a cage was a must and hence have been handed over to me by the FD. This is a secondary Leopard cage, which is used in order to lure a Leopard.”

The society paid an amount of Rs.4000 for the monkey to be safely rescued and handed over to the FD. However now the rescuer is to not be seen in the society when the bait cage that was placed in the garden area now shifted to building area had to be manually used. Eggs bananas and mangoes are kept in it. “It is not an automatic cage that will slide down once the animal gets in to the cage. Hence the attached string will have to be manually pulled in order to allow the door slide down," explained Hema Mada, one of the residents of the society.

Shaikh who is associated with Manav Seva Sangh will be in the society until the monkey is trapped. Sulekha Vasudevan, another resident said, "We want the monkey to trapped soon and hence are coordinating well with Shaikh. We hope it gets trapped soon. But there has been no update since Tuesday. Moreover Shaikh too has not been visiting us since he installed the cage."

Nalini Mohan explained, "I have been in constant touch the officials and the rescuer. At least some action is happening now unlike initial days. The rescuer has assured that he will successfully rescue the monkey and if needed will tranquilize the animal for smoother transfer to the FD officials."

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