Are Mumbai's women cops ready for a makeover?

Recently, Mumbai police chief Rakesh Maria met over 300 women cops, and on their suggestion, announced that women police personnel, particularly those over 40 years, will soon be permitted to wear sarees instead of the shirt-trouser uniform. Taking a cue, the guide invited three city-based designers to share with readers, stylised versions of the saree uniform. What’s your pick?

This is a cotton saree in khaki and beige with a shirt blouse and epaulets. The shirt blouse can have pockets, medals, etc. This saree design comes with a belt for easy movement.

Designer Shruti Sancheti

The saree is teamed with a shirt that is tucked in — the pallu of the saree is pleated and held in place on the shoulder through the epaulet — this makes it easy to handle.

Designer Neeta Lulla

This includes a khaki polyester viscose shirt, a cotton pre-pleated and pre-stitched skirt with an attached pallu that goes through the shoulder flap. This works in terms of comfort.

Designer Swapnil Shinde

(With inputs from Bhupen Patel)

  • Noor Shaikh02-Apr-2014

    Mr. Rakesh Maria, i Understand you want to change something that stay for long in Police & better , But Sir, have ask your Staff whether they comfortable on this New Uniforms, as i remember last time they change Constable Cap but that Police Fail to Follow Rules of uniform wasted Money , i request please don’t waste our money useless in uniform ,it you like to change please help Tourist ,Am a mumbaikar, i can read Marathi, Hindi & English, but Tourist read Only English all we know, One constable come a tourist Female doing miss behavior he left, Tourist Female want to Police Station ,to complete against that Constable ,Inspector ask tourist female who’s that constable, did you know his Belt number & Name, she reply Sir , All Number & Name written in Some other language , sir Even Chinese using their Police identification number in English then why not we Indian use i hope Mr. Maria you got this sir, thank you

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