Are you on the right platform?

Sep 05, 2011, 07:19 IST | Shashank Shekhar

The numbers have been rearranged at old Delhi railway station; new system comes into effect from today

If you are going to old Delhi railway station, do a double-check on the platform numbers, for Northern Railway has decided to rearrange them. According to the new numbering system, platform number 18 is now platform number 1, and the former platform number 1 and 1 A have been revised to platform numbers 15 and 16 respectively.

In flux: The old Delhi railway station. Pic/Mid Day

The move by Northern Railway was taken in order to handle 24-coach trains at the platforms at the Delhi (Old Delhi) Railway Station. They have decided to rearrange the numbers with effect from 5 September 2011, starting from the main entrance, on the Fatehpuri side.

The new system has not been universally welcomed as many commuters think it will lead to chaos. "I travel very frequently from Old Delhi railway station and I am used to the existing numbering system. With the change of the number of platforms, even frequent visitors will have to check the platform number twice," said Vikram Verma, resident of Karol Bagh, who works with an MNC at Connaught place.

But according to Northern Railway, they are fully prepared to handle the situation and claim that there won't be any confusion regarding the platform numbers. The department has already changed the board and signage at the Railway Station and also frequency of announcements informing about the change.

"In order to handle 24 coach trains at the platforms at Delhi (Old Delhi) Railway Station, we have decided to change the numbers of the platforms. The information has been passed on at every enquiry counter and special arrangements have been made to avoid any confusion, making it safer and easier for travellers," explained a senior railway official.

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