Are you selfie-smart?

With the world going ‘selfie’-crazy, we shortlisted four apps that will ensure that you get a picture every time you pout

>> Perfect365
Platforms: Android, iOS
Price: Free
An app that automatically recognises your face and makes necessary edits to make you look beautiful. Yes, such an app does exist! And, the features don’t end here. You can manually remove the blemishes off the ‘selfie’, apply make-up, change your hairstyle and do a whole lot of other things. Just be sure you know what to do when you meet real people after that.

Representational picture

>> Facetune
Platform: iOS
Price: Rs 120
The app comes with features that can brighten your teeth, smoothen the skin, remove dark circles beneath the eye, re-shape your jaw and other beautification options that would make your photo look exciting and perhaps a tad unreal. You will need some patience to learn all the features of this app though.

>> PicsArt - Photo Studio
Platforms: Android, iOS
Price: Free
This app, which was previously only available on Android phones, is your one stop go for photo edits. Packed with features, the app lets you enhance your photographs through its multiple edit tools and preloaded features. The interface is a little cramped, especially on smaller phones, but with the number of edits it offers for selfies, this can be forgiven.

>> Selfie Cam
Platform: iOS
Price: Free
A fun app that lets you add stickers, like fake moustaches and hats, to your selfie. It can also detect a smile and take photographs automatically. The app offers an extremely user-friendly interface and lets you post the photographs on social networking sites directly. 



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