Argentine team Huracan survive huge crash as their team bus flips

An Argentine top-flight side were miraculously unharmed after their team bus flipped over during a traffic accident in Venezuela.

Huracan celebrates with teammates after scoring against Venezuela's Caracas FC
Huracan footballers celebrate after scoring against Venezuela's Caracas FC. pic/ AFP

Huracán were returning to the airport from their Copa Libertadores qualifier at Caracas when the brakes on the bus failed.

Local reports state that, in an attempt to slow the bus down, the driver diverted up a ramp where the coach would then flip.

Players Patricio Toranzo and Diego Mendoza, as well as physio Pablo Santella, were taken to hospital as a precaution but the players otherwise escaped injury.

Huracán had scored a late away goal to qualify for the Copa Libertadores group stage, the South American equivalent of the Champions League.

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