Arjan Bajwa turns scriptwriter for his next film

Arjan Bajwa, who was last seen in 'Bobby Jasoos' is all set to star in a real life incident-based Punjabi film on the 1985 Air India plane crash. In fact, after the narration of the script, he suggested to change the language and the plot of the film from Hindi to Punjabi, to which the director instantly agreed.

Arjan Bajwa turns scriptwriter for his next filmArjan Bajwa

Arjan says, "The director of the film, Simran Dhillon who has made a film called 'Pseudo - Blood of our own', hails from Calgary Canada. He came to me with a script of a spy thriller for the Hindi audience. After hearing it, I suggested to change the subject of the film to the 1985 Kanishka crash."

"The audience is not fully aware of the incident. Some of them might have lost their near and dear ones in the plane crash and such a film will touch the hearts of the audience. People from Punjab are able to relate to the story as they had lost a significant number of their dear ones in the crash, which in all honesty, could have been avoided."

The change from Hindi to Punjabi was also suggested by Arjan to the director. Arjan continues, "We want to show our audience what actually happened as the incident occurred during the militancy in Punjab. Thus we thought that the language of the film should rightfully be Punjabi. We are also planning it to dub in English, so that it becomes easier for people from all over the world to understand the film's plot. The film will be based in the 1980s and will show a time lapse depicting the before, during and aftermath of the crash."

The film is based on the unfortunate incident which took place on June 23, 1985. On that frightful day, an Air India Boeing 747 'Kanishka' on its way from Montreal to Mumbai via London, crashed into the Atlantic Ocean. This occurred due to a bomb explosion on board while the aircraft was at an altitude of 31,000 feet. All 329 passengers on the flight, including the aircraft crew succumbed to this deadly explosion.

Interestingly, the film has the top Hollywood technicians on board and the shooting style adopted by the crew is like that of Ben Affleck's superhit thriller 'Argo'.

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