This December is going to be a special one for actor Arjan Bajwa. "I will get my first experience of snowfall in Canada, where I will be spending Christmas and New Year. Being a Delhi boy, I really love this season, which showcases a different beauty of nature," says the handsome hunk. Arjan talks to CS about his love for winter:

Who: Arjan Bajwa
What: Talking about his love for the season
Where: At his Lokhandwala residence

Down memory lane
I grew up in Delhi where winters are pretty severe. Come December, and it was time to pull out all the shawls, sweaters, jackets and blankets. As a kid, going to school early in the mornings was great fun. Standing in the prayer assembly shivering from head to toe is something I will never forget. And we used to eat almost all day long. My grandmother's Makai- Ki- Roti and Sarson Da Saag was our favourite, complemented with dollops of butter. I also love having hot chocolate in the winters. The fact that you can eat more and burn the calories easily is one of the best things about winter. 

Season for fashion
Unlike summer, you can really dress up in winters. I love wearing jackets, trench coats and overcoats. You don't perspire much and that keeps you looking fresh all day long. In Delhi, girls are at their fashionable best in the season right from the boots, tight leggings, coats, etc, which makes for great eye candy. I love attending parties, weddings and social dos in winters as you can dress up without worrying about sweating excessively or feeling under the weather. It's much easier to maintain your hair and skin during this season unlike summer or monsoons. I use a good moisturiser for my face and hands during winters. This much vanity is enough for a man (laughs out loud). 

Time to travel 
The landscape up North also undergoes a drastic change in winters. As an adolescent, I often used to go with my dad to Amritsar, driving the car for over 800 kms without a sweat. I enjoy the idea of travelling in winter when you make road trips or go for activities like trekking, biking, etc. For me, the biggest attraction of winter is snow. This year, I am heading off to Canada to spend Christmas and New Year with my bua in Toronto. The city will be decked for Christmas with X-mas trees, Santa Claus and lights. I am looking forward to playing in the snow with my cousins, and partying hard (smiles).