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India has a vast collection of traditional and folk art forms that represent its fascinating folklore and legends. Unfortunately, these rarely receive the exposure and patronage they deserve and now run the risk of dying out.

Kalkrishna - Chola Bronze, Tamil Nadu
Kalkrishna - Chola Bronze, Tamil Nadu

Art for Concern’s Exhibition of Traditional and Folk Art is an attempt to showcase these beautiful indigenous art forms and artists, and ensure that their legacy endures. Organised by Secure Giving, in aid of Concern India Foundation, the artworks at the Traditional and Folk Art exhibition are on sale too.

Kalighat painting from West Bengal
Kalighat painting from West Bengal

All pieces are priced under Rs 99,000, with most falling in the bracket of Rs 20,000 — Rs 60,000.

The art forms on display include Chola bronzes from Tamil Nadu, Gond from Madhya Pradesh, Kalamkari from Andhra Pradesh, Kalighat paintings from West Bengal, Madhubani from Bihar, Mata ni Pachedi from Gujarat, Pattachitra from Odisha, and Phad, Pichwai and Miniature art from Rajasthan.

Vishnu Avtar - Pichwai, Rajasthan
Vishnu Avtar - Pichwai, Rajasthan

The proceeds from sale of the artworks will go to Concern India Foundation, a registered, non-profit charitable trust that aims to help the underprivileged by making them self-reliant. Set up in 1991, Concern India Foundation works in the area of education, health and community development, supporting over 270 programmes across the country.

On: August 12 and 13, 11 am to 7 pm
At: Goethe Institut, Max Mueller Bhavan, K Dubash Marg, Kala Ghoda.
Call: 32501411

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