From empty fishing boats harboured in the beach to animals grazing under a banyan tree, or the calmness of a village home, artist Subhash Govind Kulkarni captures rural India in 55 watercolour paintings, currently showing at the Darpan Art Gallery.

Kulkarni says that idyllic surroundings always inspire him to paint: “I love to paint when I am in the rural area. There is a certain natural light and the huts look beautiful. Also I love to paint different types of trees. I would go to the university campus in the city just to observe the trees and paint them. Capturing the different shades of nature is a challenge.”

While Kulkarni painted some of the artworks on the spot, for others he shot photographs, observed them and then painted the landscapes. “Making a water colour painting is a very interesting process and all the colours are reflected in a different way giving a very natural look to the painting,” he concludes.

On February 19 to 25, 11 am to 8 pm
At Darpan Art Gallery, Patrakar Nagar.