The Artist's Brush is an art exhibition with a dual mission promoting budding artists and encouraging the education of underprivileged girls

The Artist's Brush truly adds colour to life. This exhibition, organised by Bharati Malani, includes creative and innovative artworks by budding artists from across India, aims at raising funds for underprivileged girls in schools and colleges across Pune. The exhibition will be on till Sunday at Patch of Blue in Mundhwa. 

Lila Poonawalla with her husband at The Artist's Brush at Patch of Blue, Mundhwa
Lila Poonawalla with her husband at The Artist's Brush at Patch of Blue,

The exhibition features a series of paintings by Shrikant Kadam on different profiles of a woman, exquisite abstract annotations by Madhuri Bhaduri, red background-based mother and child artworks by Buva
Shete, life-like images toned to perfection by Pradeep Mishra and innovative two and three-piece paintings by Changana Chabbria.

The exhibition also includes commendable artworks by artists Lalitha Lajmi, Samir Mondal, Gurcharan Singh, Datta Bansode, Ramesh Gorjala, Babu Xavier, Nishant Dange, Jagganath Paul and more. "This is an excellent initiative.

Promoting art as you raise funds for a noble cause like the education of girls who want to study but cannot afford it, is great and I would encourage more people to take up such work," says Lila Poonawalla, the chief guest at the inauguration of the exhibition on February 15.

A percentage of the proceeds will be donated to the Lila Poonawalla Foundation. "I want to educate 200 girls while I am alive. I cannot go out and do it all by myself, so I thought, why not use my home for an art exhibition to help raise funds for a cause," says Bharati Malani, owner of Patch of Blue.

Till February 19, 11 am to 6 pm 
At Patch of Blue, Survey no 61/1C/3/2/1, located before the Ghai bungalow in Mundhwa.
Call 9890355466