Artist Gaurvi Sharma to showcase her unique collages in Mumbai

All that Gaurvi Sharma needs are a pair of sharp scissors and loads of magazines. "I have a vendor who collects magazines for me according to the paper quality and visuals," says Sharma, a Chandigarh-based artist, who has been making collages since 2008.

In her works, faces are made of multiple bits of paper, trees are grafted from several printed species, and a delicious springtime pervades within the frames. Her house, on the other hand, is a mess of magazines.

Gaurvi Sharma's Rose Garden
Gaurvi Sharma's Rose Garden

Sharma's unique works are among the first to be presented at the Showcase by Art&Found, a new online gallery for emerging, and some established, Indian artists. Her work sets the tone for Art&Found's interest in graphic art and illustrations. Sharma, whose works sell for anywhere around Rs 1.5 lakhs, features her personal life in the works. "In 'And then there was a blast', I have put my son's face for the dragonfly. He is like that — a little bug!" she says.

A drawing by Upasana Mehndiratta
A drawing by Upasana Mehndiratta

The Showcase will also feature the works of illustrator Upasana Mehndiratta, who specialises in hand-drawn and digital art. Her pen and paper works explore the world in a minimalist tragicomic vein, and when seen alongside Sharma's work, it is yin and yang on the walls. And they are sisters. "We don't often discuss each other's work or themes. But, when I do my primary sketches for my collages, they are a lot like Upasana's," says Sharma.

Where: The BAD Café, New Kantwadi Road, Pali Hill, Bandra (W)
When: Till April 7, 11 AM – 11 PM
Call: 9930763225



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