Arun Govil to make a comeback on TV with 'Dharti Ki Goad Mein'

Jul 09, 2015, 12:01 IST | PTI

After a long sabbatical, veteran TV actor Arun Govil, who played the iconic Lord Ram in epic teleserial 'Ramayan', is coming back on the small screen with the daily program 'Dharti Ki Goad Mein'.

Arun Govil to make a comeback on TV with 'Dharti Ki Goad Mein'
Arun Govil. Pic/Yogen Shah

Viewers can see Govil, 57, only from last week of August as his character will be introduced after a few episodes.

"Makers of the program approached me and insisted me to play a small role of guide, as they felt that I can be well connected to the audience," the actor told PTI.

"After consideration, I accepted the role and few episodes have also been shot," he said.

Govil, who has been associated with some social work in the guidance of Brahmarshi Shri Kumar Swami in Delhi, feels
that there is a lot to be done on sensitising people living in villages.

"I am playing a role of Dada, which means elder brother and grandfather too..though my age is that of a grandfather. People in distress or who need guidance approach me and I advise them what to do and not to do to overcome their problems," he said.

When asked, whether this would be too a mythological character, who troubleshoots the problems of men in distress, he said, "I am neither playing a troubleshooter nor a mythological role, I am playing a role of common and compassionate person advising people."

Currently, the serial is being aired at 2 pm from Monday to Friday for half an hour. Born in Meerut, Govil has been a producer-director and has acted in various Hindi, Bhojpuri, Braj Bhasha, Oriya and Telugu movies.

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