Arvind Kejriwal, AAP colleagues enjoy Akshay Kumar starrer 'Baby'

Feb 09, 2015, 07:28 IST | IANS

A day after exit polls predicted a win for his party, AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal on Sunday watched Akshay Kumar-starrer 'Baby' in Delhi.

Arvind Kejriwal
Arvind Kejriwal

Party colleagues like Manish Sisodia and Kumar Vishwas also joined with Kejriwal at the Wave Cinemas at Kaushambi in this Uttar Pradesh district adjoining Delhi.

The multiplex is about a kilometer away from Girnar Tower apartments, where Kejriwal lives.

Baby poster
Baby poster

"We all saw 'Baby'. It was fun," an AAP functionary told IANS.

Even when he became the chief minister of Delhi in December 2013, Kejriwal used to say that what he missed most was going to the cinema with his family without being mobbed by admirers.

After weeks of arduous campaigning for the Delhi elections, Kejriwal took it easy Sunday.

"He met senior party leaders at his residence. He was cool today," an AAP functionary told IANS. "He spent the entire morning at home."

Until Saturday, when Delhi voted, Kejriwal would wake up by 6 a.m. and get busy with party affairs and election meetings. On most days, Kejriwal himself told IANS, he would hit the bed at midnight or even later.

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