Arvind Kejriwal in Mumbai: AAP workers destroy metal detectors at Churchgate

Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader Arvind Kejriwal’s Lok Sabha campaign in Maharashtra got off to a rocky start with his ‘overenthusiastic’ supporters reportedly destroying equipment at a Mumbai railway station.

There was chaos on Wednesday after AAP supporters reportedly damaged metal detectors at Churchgate station.

Many commuters complained of inconvenience, but AAP supporters claimed that the metal detectors were not working.

Passengers trying to board the slow local from suburban Andheri to Churchgate were also inconvenienced as Kejriwal got into the train along with his senior party colleagues and AAP workers.

Arvind Kejriwal supporters, Mumbai
AAP workers on the rampage at Churchgate station on Wednesday. Pic/Sayed Sameer Abedi

While a posse of media personnel did manage to board the same compartment as Kejriwal, a protective ring thrown around the AAP leader by his party workers meant there was no interaction with reporters.

Incidentally, the formal media interaction Kejriwal had scheduled here this afternoon has been cancelled.

From Andheri, the Kejriwal train contingent made its way to the bustling Churchgate station on the Western line.

When the AAP leader finally reached Churchgate, there was a mad rush with commuters and onlookers jostling for a glimpse of Kejriwal.

Many people, including some from the media, were almost squeezed in the rush as Kejriwal made his way outside the station to head to a private fundraiser at Nariman Point in South Mumbai.

Metal detectors at Churchgate station were toppled in the heavy rush as AAP workers made their way out.

A group of youths showed black flags to Kejriwal as he was leaving the station.

They said they did not belong to any organisation but were students who were protesting against Kejriwal's alleged "media management" as seen in a leaked video of him on YouTube in which he appears to tell a news anchor to highlight parts of his interview.



  • Tanushree Dey12-Mar-2014

    AAPs hooligans in Mumbai, they claim anyone who joins AAP is saint, anyone who leaves AAP or does not join them is thief. If kejriwal really wanted to bring change in the Delhi he would not have ran away in 49 days. Please do not entertain this anarchist.

  • Itika Singh12-Mar-2014

    AAP is fascist party leaders and workers following this path will keep indian democracy a side and will burn constitution if voted for power ,avoid this party to save India.

  • tazu12-Mar-2014

    Tou twist the news agaist AApof what ever right they do,

  • Vinay13-Mar-2014

    Media is just talking about metal detector damage.

  • Vinay13-Mar-2014

    Your media is just talking about meta detector damage. However, no one is talking about the large crowd Kejriwall attracted. This shows how biased the media is. It is all the power of money.

  • Kenny13-Mar-2014

    At last we have one more addition AAP likes of two existing mafia occupation in Mumbai- Shiv sena and MNS(maha nukshan sena).. PICK YOUR POISON. ITS ALL DOWN THE DRAIN FROM HERE....

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