Ashes: Strap the boots and kick the booze

The Australian cricket team has some highly skilled players, who can turn a match on its head in a session, if not in a day. But they don’t come out smelling of roses when they decide to enjoy a drink.

A few days ago, we read about James Faulkner being charged for drink driving by the Greater Manchester Police. And although he was not part of the Ashes squad, he could have figured in the one-day series in England.

Just yesterday it was reported that opening batsman David Warner attacked England batsman Joe Root in a Birmingham bar during the 2013 Champions Trophy because Root, according to Warner, snatched a funny wig from his friend at the bar and put it on himself. Warner admitted, “I probably let my aggression and alcohol take over there and probably made an excuse for me to go over there and actually take it off him,” said Warner. Alcohol… that’s the key word in here which would have led to something worse.

After the victory in the 2013-14 Ashes, fast bowler Ryan Harris, who on Saturday announced his retirement from all forms of the game due to injury, was denied entry into a Perth pub because he was too drunk.
Like all international cricketers, the much-hailed Australians should realise that they are ambassadors of their country.

Coming back to Warner’s reopening of the Birmingham brawl, there was no need to bring it up again, and as much we would like to believe he is a changed man now, he displays his wild side by wanting to open old scars.

Although controversy adds spice to a sporting contest, a series should be remembered for the cricket and not what transpires beyond the boundary because anything physical is just not cricket.

Despite Australia boasting of a strong, near-invincible Test side, they must play excellent cricket to win their first Ashes series in England since 2001.

Meanwhile, it needs to be said that all scraps should be restricted to the field where the only battle that matters is bat versus ball, batsman versus bowler, vice versa and nothing else!

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