Asia Cup: MS Dhoni unhappy with umpires' earpiece

Feb 29, 2016, 07:48 IST | PTI

Mirpur: The use of umpiring devices like earpiece doesn't please India captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni at all as he feels such a technology prevents the on-field officials from hearing snicks and edges in a packed stadium.

MS Dhoni. Pic/ AFP
MS Dhoni. Pic/ AFP

Asked about umpiring, a sarcastic Dhoni said, "You don't want me to get banned before World T20. You have all seen umpiring. It's your call. (But) One thing certainly should be done. Umpires now use walkie talkies as well as wear ear piece in one ear which effectively means they are umpiring with one ear. It's a difficult job. One needs to consider this. They are hearing with one ear. I believe there is no point having a ear piece when the bowler is bowling as you don't need to use it then," the Indian skipper said.

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