Mumbai: Some local goons attacked Akhilesh Chaubey, one of the MNS candidates from Kandivali (East), at around 2.30 am late last night.

The incident took place when Chaubey along with wife reached Poisar on specific information.

Akhilesh claimed that they received information of some illegal activities carried out by a political party. He alleged, “As soon as we came to know that the local Congress party were distributing money in Poisar slums, we informed the Election Cell and the local police but when we saw no immediate action being taken we left for the place due to which their activities got disturbed.” He further added, “When we were returning home bikers with almost 50 people came with weapons and started abusing us.”

Vedika Chaubey, Akhilesh's wife, reportedly explained, “They abused me to no level and tried to hit me. It was when the moving car took speed that the weapon hit one of the party worker.”

Sachin Upadhyay, who was hit badly, was immediately rushed to Shatabdi Hospital and was given seven stitches. “Upadhyay was discharged only the next day in the morning,” said Akhilesh.

While no confirmation of any arrest was made by the local police sources claimed that one arrest was made. They also claimed that since Akhilesh’s wife, who has been out campaigning for her husband has been recognized and has attracted good number of women towards MNS, hence this could be a reason for an attack towards the candidate’s wife.

Speaking to mid-day Ravindra Patil, Senior Police Inspector of Samta Nagar Police Station said, “The incident took place at around 2.30 am when Upadhyay was returning home. Three people are under scanner and we have filed an FIR under IPC 324, 427 and 506. We will have a clearer picture soon as the investigation is still in process.”