At 64, Schwarzenegger wants to do stunts himself

Nov 28, 2011, 14:18 IST | IANS

Hollywood action hero Arnold Schwarzenegger may be 64 years old, but he refuses to use stuntman and insists on doing his own stunts

Arnold has been filming "Last Stand" in New Mexico for nearly two months. reports that the sources said that A.S. has politely declined the producers' offer to put stuntmen in the dangerous scenes, because he thinks it's just more believable for him to do it himself.

In the film, among other things, in one scene he's driving a Camaro, dragging a "bad guy behind" -- even though the scene involves crazy driving, it seems the bad guy is the one who needs a double.

Arnold is also doing a scene where he's suspended high above the ground by ropes and reports say this scene is dangerous.

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