Attend painting workshop by the Argentine artist Pablo Ramirez Arnol

Nov 06, 2017, 15:09 IST | mid-day online correspondent

The Consulate General of Argentina will be conducting a painting workshop by the famous Argentine artist Pablo Ramirez Arnol at the St.Xaviers College on November 10, 2017.

Attend painting workshop by the Argentine artist Pablo Ramirez Arnol

One of a kind workshop where for the 1st time in Mumbai 10 visually challenged students and 10 other students from the college WHO will be blindfolded will realise how their limitation makes a way for creativity. We need eyes to see but when we paint we connect with our soul.

More about the workshop
Palette Workshop with Aromas
The aromas are the soul of everything that surrounds us. The multisensory workshop will help us connect to our senses and perceive the world in a broader way. We will be having a painting workshop in which we shall use colors with aromas that can represent the basic colors of nature.

How do we perceive the color red?

Perhaps associating it with something similar which exists in the world like fire or a beautiful sunset. How to perceive yellow? Or else let’s think of a sunflower in the morning or the hot sun that touches our body on a day spent at the beach. What is the color of the wind?

The objective of the workshop is that we get an opportunity to broaden our senses by touching different textures, knowing the difference between rough and soft, smelling a lemon or recognising the aroma of cinnamon with our eyes closed. Great painters like Monet or Degas have made their paintings in spite of being visually impaired and nothing stopped them from doing so, but on the other hand it was their apparent limitation that was the outcome of their willingness to overcome their alleged inability.

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