Australia should tone down sledging, says Border

Melbourne: Former captain Allan Border wants the current team to play "hard-edged Australian brand of cricket" in the memory of Phillip Hughes but at the same time urged them not to get involved in some heavy duty sledging with the Indians during the Test series starting December 9.

Allan Border
Allan Border

Border went to the extent of saying that the present side will be “more mellow for a short term” due to the tragedy that hit Australian cricket last week.

“The Aussies must return to their aggressive, intimidating brand of cricket - but tone down the sledging. I expect Darren Lehmann and his players to make a team edict to “go hard” at the Indians in the Adelaide Test. It may be easier said than done, especially for the fast bowlers,” Border was quoted as saying by Courier Mail yesterday.

“But I reckon Lehmann will be in the ear of his players, telling them to play a hard-edged Australian brand of cricket in memory of Phillip Hughes. Phillip would not have expected anything different. That being said, I don’t expect there will be much chirping in the middle from the Aussie players. This is not the summer to get involved in heavy sledging,” the World Cup winning skipper made his point clear.

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