Australian eatery delivers meals through parachutes

May 06, 2014, 08:27 IST | Agencies

Melbourne: Food delivery has been taken to a higher level, with a restaurant actually parachuting meals to you.

Jafflechutes, a Melbourne pop-up eatery, delivers their grilled cheese sandwiches to patrons waiting at the landing zone (an X on the pavement). Hungry customers pay in advance through PayPal and then wait with outstretched arms for their lunch parcel to float down from above.

There might be some teething problems with the video showing parachutes snagged on the side of a building and people seemingly grabbing random parcels. Adam Grant, one of the creators of the restaurant, claims they came up with the idea during a weekend in the countryside.

“Without the distraction of YouTube and video games, we spent the night talking about crazy business ideas, and by morning we had created the first float-down eatery.” The restaurant may be spreading its wings, as a recent crowd sourcing campaign has raised enough money for them to potentially open a branch in New York as well.

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