Canberra: An Australian court has ordered payment of Aus$85,000 (about $68,930) as compensation to a man who had a chunk of his ear bitten off at a bar in 2011.

Hatke news, Australian man, who got his ear bitten off in bar fight gets USD 85,000 as compensation

The ACT Magistrates Court Monday ordered that the payment be made to the victim within 28 days, the Canberra Times reported Wednesday.

The victim had launched action against Tim Dalwood in the Magistrates Court in 2012, claiming damages for personal injury.

The victim claimed that Dalwood had assaulted him at Trinity Bar on Aug 28, 2011.

The victim was allegedly pushed by a member of Dalwood's group earlier in the evening and was then shoved again while he was trying to retrieve his jacket. Dalwood then allegedly punched him in the face and tried to repeat it when the victim pushed him, following which both of them fell to the ground.

The man said he then felt a "strong, intense burning feeling" to his left ear from "at least two hard bites" by Dalwood. The victim later underwent an operation the following day.

He was also subjected to blood tests to check for HIV and hepatitis C infection. The results were negative.

The victim's lawyer, Jon May, said the damage had still not been repaired after three years.

Court papers, filed on the victim's behalf, said the victim suffered personal injury, loss and damage, including medical expenses and emotional trauma.

"The incident had a large impact on a young man's life to the extent that he feels embarrassed to go out in public," the court observed.