Australian police warn against 'firearm selfies'

Canberra: Australians who post "selfies" on social media displaying their guns and ammunition could make themselves targets for thieves, police officials said Monday.

Police detectives in the state of Victoria said that there has been an influx of "firearm selfies" on various social media websites, Xinhua reported.

Senior Sergeant Andrew Armstrong warned that criminals looking to bypass Australia's tight gun regulations could easily identify a gun owner's location.

"Some criminals log in to social media networks looking for easy targets and items of interest including ammunition and other weaponry," Armstrong said.

"Licence holders need to be responsible. Any public display of firearm ownership including stickers on vehicles or house windows can encourage unwanted attention from thieves," he added.

Armstrong also said licence holders were becoming too complacent when it came to safe storage of guns.

In Victoria, firearms must be stored in something made of hard wood or steel that is not easily penetrable and secured with a sturdy lock.

Firearm cases that weigh less than 150 kgs must be securely bolted to the premises.

And when more than 15 firearms are stored, an intruder alarm system must be fitted.

Victoria Police reminded gun owners that inadequate storage mechanisms of firearms was an offense and could result in fines from $6,700-30,000 or up to four years in jail.

Civilian gun ownership per capita in Australia is approximately 15 firearms per 100 people.

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