Almost every second Territorian of the 10,000 men and women quizzed confessed they enjoyed getting intimate in public.

And another 19 per cent admitted they "would like to" try their hands at a public fling, the Great Australian Sex Census revealed.

Sex and relationships, Australians love to have sex in public: Survey

According to news reports, for some, finding the right girl was more important than finding the perfect spot.

Truck driver Gye Gardner, 43, of Woodroffe, Palmerston, said: "I haven't had sex for so long I would do it in a wheelbarrow on the side of the road if that's what the girl wanted.”

Emily Smith, 24, revealed she "had a comfy bed at home" and even if she would consider having sex in public "it would definitely not be in a wheelbarrow on the side of the road".

But she added she understood the urge to go ahead with having sex in the street.

She said: "I guess it always depends on the circumstances, if you just come out of a club and you're drunk and you're really desperate and can't make it home because it always takes so long until you get a taxi in the city..."