Auto driver finds unlikely ally in abusive woman

Nov 03, 2011, 05:15 IST | Faisal Tandel

She then threatened to falsely implicate cops for outraging her modesty, abused the authorities inside the police station

Here's a new twist in the auto campaign tale. While all these days it was being reported about how the drivers behaved arrogantly with the passengers, joining their ranks now, is a woman passenger. Renu Singh Rajput, a commuter who boarded an auto at Ghatkopar (East), jumped to the rickshaw driver's rescue and created a ruckus after the traffic cops, who had seen the driver refuse earlier fares, caught him.

Hell-raiser: Renu Rajput in the middle of all the action at Ghatkopar
(East). Pic/Sameer Markande

Rajput picked up an argument with a traffic constable after he asked the driver to show his licence. However, before the driver could do so, Rajput snatched it from him and kept it in her purse. She then started abusing the cop and threatened him that she would falsely implicate him for outraging her modesty. The traffic constable called up for police back up and Rajput was escorted to Pant Nagar police station.

However, undeterred by her detention, Rajput started arguing with the cops and began abusing them inside the police station. Fed up of reasoning with her, almost 90 minutes after her detention, the cops released Rajput and the driver, without confiscating his licence.

Vilas Chawan, one of the traffic constables who witnessed the entire drama, said, "According to the law, she cannot interrupt our investigations. We saw that the driver had refused a couple of passengers, before he agreed to ply her."

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