GST effect: Updated Bajaj Motorcycle prices out

Bajaj has updated prices for all their motorcycles as per the new GST to be implemented from July 1, 2017

 GST effect: Updated Bajaj Motorcycle prices out

Post GST, the goods tax, which currently is at 30 per cent, will go down to 28 per cent for motorcycles below 350cc engine capacity. Motorcycles with engine capacity over 350cc will be considered as a luxury investment and will attract a total of 31 per cent tax; 3 per cent more over affordable motorcycles. This turns out to be a good deal for people who are potential buyers in the sub-350cc category. There is a lot of confusion around the pricing of motorcycles post GST (Goods and Services Tax) is implemented.

GST effect: Updated Bajaj Motorcycle prices out

Prices have only gone down for the goods tax; the service tax which includes the RTO and insurance will be going up though. A few manufacturers, including Bajaj, have offered the benefit of post GST prices from manufacturers’ front (which has been lowered by 2 per cent over the current prices) to the customers, though the addition of the revised insurance and RTO costs will make them Rs 1000 to Rs 2000 costlier post July 1, 2017. At present, it is difficult to guess the exact price change of the bikes post GST implementation and we will have to wait till July 1 to get the prices out.

GST effect: Updated Bajaj Motorcycle prices out

The cost of Bajaj bikes post GST is as follows -
(does not include the revised service charge addition that will boost up post July 1, 2017)

Model On Road price (Pune)
CT100B - Rs 40,068
CT100 Spoke Wheel - Rs 42,906
CT100 Alloy Wheel - Rs 45,177
Platina Spoke ES - Rs 51,532
Platina Alloy ES - Rs 54,868
Discover 125 Drum - Rs 62,084
Discover 125 Disc - Rs 64,294
V15 - Rs 75,473
V12 Drum - Rs 68,855
V12 Disc - Rs 72,167
Pulsar 135LS - Rs 71,909
Pulsar 150 - Rs 86,710
Pulsar 180 - Rs 92,448
Pulsar NS200 - Rs 1,11,104
Pulsar 220 - Rs 1,05,002
Pulsar RS200 - Rs 1,42,732
Pulsar RS200 ABS - Rs 1,55,990
Dominar 400 ABS - Rs 1,81,249
Dominar 400 Disc - Rs 1,65,325
Avenger 220 Cruise - Rs 1,00,737
Avenger 220 Street - Rs 1,00,737
Avenger 150 Street - Rs 91,242

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